Flu Shots

It is recommended that you receive your flu shot after October 1st to ensure you have enough immunity to last the influenza season.

We will begin to administer the vaccine starting October 1st. Please call to schedule your appointment for one of our Flu Clinics or you can receive yours at a visit that you already have scheduled.

Physical Exam billing and coding:

Annual physicals are prevention-focused rather than problem-focused. That means it is designed to prevent minor issues from becoming serious. It is not meant to evaluate, diagnose, or treat existing problems.

If you have an existing problem that needs to be addressed during your preventive office visit, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, skin rash, high cholesterol, headaches, etc., your provider may bill part of the exam as your annual preventive exam, and part of the exam as treatment of your diagnosis.

We are required by law to follow established coding guidelines for all visits. The annual physical is billed as preventive care. Conditions requiring additional medical evaluation is not preventive care.

Depression Screening

Depression affects people of all genders and ages. With depression rates increasing, the USPSTF has made strong recommendations for physicians to actively screen patients for depression. Riverwood Family Medicine follows these recommendations as a standard of care.

Note: You may be asked to fill out a screening questionnaire at your office visit. Please note that there is a fee associated with the screening and interpretation which is billed to your insurance company.

FEES notice:

As of 7/1/2021, the fees for No-Showing for a scheduled appointment have changed.


Missed physicals are $75, missed office visits are $40, and missed Nurse Visits are $10.  Courtesy reminder calls are sent to every patient and if you are web-enabled for our portal, you also receive an email reminder. Some patients may also receive a personal call from the front staff with an additional reminder. 


It is important that you keep track of your appointments and try to give at least a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel.

New Patient?

  • Minor Office Surgery

  • Allergy Injections

  • Sports Physicals

  • Health Maintenance Exams and Immunizations

  • Diabetes Management

  • Pre-Operative Exams

  • ADD/ADHD Management

  • Care of Acute and Chronic Conditions

In order to lower risks to our patients and staff, acutely ill patients are triaged by the staff and given directives for COVID testing outside of the office, if needed and options for televisits or phone visits with the providers.

Routine follow up appointments and preventive care visits for patients who are well are scheduled as usual.

While we do have the option of performing Televisits, when necessary, we will evaluate an ill patient in-office if their symptoms warrant a hands-on examination, but the patient will be isolated from healthy patients or occasionally, the office visit may take place in the parking lot as the medical assistant and provider will meet you at your vehicle.


We ask that when you visit our office, that you do not bring anyone additional with you. An exception would be parents accompanying minors.

Despite the lift of the mask mandate (eff. 6/22/2021) for the public, per CDC guidelines, please still wear a mask when you are in our building.


Every person entering the building must wear a mask and will be screened for symptoms and exposure risk.

Another great tool for communicating with the office is the Patient Portal. If you don't have an account, please contact the office so we can enable your access. We currently only support portal accounts for patients that are ages 18 and older.